Endopeel face medium and lower third in turkish

Endopeel Medium & Lower Third of the Face-Turkish Subtitles


Take a look in english with turkish subtitles to the endopeel face technics applied to middle and lower thirds of the face .

The authors will explain the 3D isovolumetric myoplasty, myopexy and myotension of the facial muscles as the bioregenerative effects and mechanisms.

Techniques and Products are intellectual property of Dr.Alain Tenenbaum & Sr.Mauro Tiziani and cant be copied or used without permission of the authors .

Also the translation from english to turkish is intellectual property of Prof.Dr.Gökce Simsek and cant be used without her permission .

Masculinisation of the face with Endopeel

Masculinisation of the Face

12 minutes-Alain Tenenbaum & Mauro Tiziani

With Endopeel Techniques, to masculinize a face you need to work on the upper third, medium third and lower third of the face , with special technics for the eyes,the periocular area,the lips, the mouth, the nose, the chin and the mandible contour.
Choosing vectors and tensors with their sense as direction is fundamental.

Also those tensors may change in function of the ethny , the age, the fashion .
Any patient can change his face each 6 months following all those parameters to be always fit and attractive as masculine.

All those technics have been invented as the products by Dr.Alain Tenenbaum ( swiss facial plastic surgeon ) and Sr.Mauro Tiziani ( swiss molecular biologist).


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