• Introduction

    This working paper maps the scope and use of video as a research tool for collecting data to understand the history and evolution of the methods of Endopeel treatments.Such videos cannot replace trainings and without hands on workshops, they should never be used ( same as surgery).

  • A brief history of uses of videos and Ways of using videos

    Physicians using Endopeel  have used video for many years particularly in workplaces and during workshops

  • Shareable videos
    Video data is a durable, malleable, shareable record that can be repeatedly viewed and manipulated to be viewed in slow or fast motion, freeze-frame, with or without sound or image.

  • Validity of video datas
    The most useful one  are the most recent ones.Others show the evolution of techniques of Endopeel, which are quite interesting anyway.

  • Conclusions
    Never use such movies without workshops and trainings under official Endopeel masters .
    Never use such movies for other procedures than Endopeel
    Never use such movies if you use a copy, which would lead to irreversible complications, even death.

  • Suggestions of further reading 
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    -Main website
    -Endopeel Workshops